Artist Julie DeRosa (Sacred Relic Studio)

There is something about Julie’s work that can’t be defined. Every piece touches my heart in a visceral way. Owning a Survivor Shrine means something different ever time I see it. Some days it is a quiet testament to the spirit in me that somehow refused to quit. Other days, when I’m feeling down, that Shrine dares me to pity myself, to forget who I am and how far I’ve come. Julie doesn’t just make art, she takes all the words and emotions I can’t express and carves them, molds them, shows them boldly to the world, shouting, “Yes, I am alive, and THIS is what life is about.”
— Stephanie K.
Feeling Gravity’s Pull, 2019  Coming Soon

About Sacred Relic Studio / Julie DeRosa

This work is my expression of the beautiful and wretched places in the landscape of living with myself; it is my vision of the importance of developing  the ability to transcend and co-create my experience by making different choices. My work is an invitation to the viewer to allow my story and my resilience to resonate with the viewers own experiences, and perhaps inspire them to participate in the defiant and hopeful act of creation themselves. Read More


Scenes From Instagram

I recently purchased “Follow Your Heart” from the Sacred Relic Studio. As a creative expression of a familiar phrase it is a remarkable piece! Julie’s creativity produces work that is truly unique. Her craftsmanship and attention to details mean that this is a meaningful artwork that will last. “Follow Your Heart” hangs beautifully with another of her pieces, a heart embroidery that she customized with the phrase “Hope Springs Eternal.” I’m looking forward to new work by Julie and adding to my collection.

— Robert E.
Follow Your Heart.png