When in doubt, make art

Last week, my friend and fellow artist, Beck Lane got in touch with me and asked me if she could do a video on me and my art....since Beck is someone that I have known for a long time, and one of Sacred Relic Studio's early supporters way back in the beginning, of course I said yes!

You can check it out below.



Through this project, Beck became aware of The Resilient Heart Project and opted to participate. I mailed one of the hearts to Beck late last week and she received it yesterday. 

Today, she surprised me with a new video, a sort of update...check it out:



I want to be really clear about this, because I think there are misconceptions surrounding the word Resilience....Resilience for you, and often for me is waking up each morning, knowing that you probably are waking up to the same shit show that you fell asleep to last night...the bills, the illness, a long list of things on the "to-do" list that you are fairly certain you will not be able to accomplish, the dog has to go to the vet, etc...and still putting both of your feet on the ground and moving into your day. Taking steps, even small steps you may perceive to be teeny tiny and insignificant steps are actually what resilience is about. Movement towards something even when things don't look so hopeful. Rising up in the face of sadness, illness, fear, etc...and moving forward through the day anyway because you are made of that kind of stuff. That stuff is resilience. 

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in my life is about the temporary nature of everything. Nothing stays the same. Knowing that and accepting it and all the good and bad things it brings is difficult for me. So, I pull my resilience around me, grit my teeth and show up again in my studio. Creating has always been the place where I work things out, whether it is actually things encountered during the process of creating, or bigger grief's and hurts, problems, confusion. Art has always been my respite in a world where I am often described as being "overly sensitive' to, (I prefer the term EMPATHETIC BADASS, thank you) and I am grateful for it.