Is your organization interested in bringing the Survivor Shrine workshop to your community of resilient hearts?

Julie DeRosa (Sacred Relic Studio) is a self taught assemblage artist from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In her work, she addresses issues of transformation and reinvention. Discarded materials find new and unexpected uses in her work; they are assembled and conjoined with unlikely components, a form of rebirth from the ashes into new life and new meaning. The artist also routinely creates and adds resin castings to her work, which she created through a process of mold making with silicone rubber.


These assemblages are metaphors for rebirth, hope, and healing. These forms are examinations of the world in perpetual flux, where meaning and function are ever-changing.

Julie is a Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Peer Support Specialist, and facilitator for Intentional Peer Support, Wellness and Recovery Action Plan, Whole Health Action Management, and Trauma Informed Care Trainings. She has spent the last eight years of her professional career providing training and support to persons living with mental health, trauma and substance use challenges. She is a survivor with lived experience.

She creates in her live/work studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with her husband, and emotional support dog, Jack and has shown work in galleries, boutiques and specialty gift shops in and around New England. She is also one of the co-curators of Pop Up in Pawtucket, which has held three one night only pop up art events featuring some of Southern New England's most prominent up and coming and established artists.

She has taught and facilitated private workshops for a number of organizations, as well as teaching to a group at Rhode Island School of Design.

  • Workshops are 6 hours

  • Each participant receives a pre-painted box (color of choice), a resin hand, and various materials to create their own sculpture.

  • Participants are encouraged to bring any personal items they may want to include in the piece and will receive a welcome letter from me describing and suggesting items and materials they might want to consider bringing. This is optional, but makes the workshop a more meaningful experience to each individual.

  • In order to create a safe space container, workshops are limited to 8 people.

  • I will share parts of my own personal survival story, but participants are not required to share if they do not choose to. I focus on the positive aspects of an often complicated process, and work to empower participants by helping them re-frame the narrative of their own stories.

  • Workshops are designed for humans of all skill levels. Safety and power tool instruction will be given.


I believe we all as humans are survivors, Some of us survive divorce, long term illness, death of a spouse, child or loved one, high school, natural disasters, job loss, etc. Most workshops are with survivors from just about anything

Some of the more specific types of workshops I can provide:

  • Suicide loss survivor

  • Suicide attempt survivor

  • Pet loss survivor

  • Persons in recovery from Mental Health or Substance abuse Challenges Survivor

  • Trauma Survivors

  • Chronic Illness Survivors

  • Sexual Assault Survivors

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will schedule a time to discuss your organizations specific needs. After the call, I will write a proposal geared toward your organizations and communities needs.

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