I believe creating art is a divine and hopeful act; I believe art heals and transforms. I believe the expression of ideas and of our shared humanity helps us to better navigate the race from birth to death. I believe creation is an act of defiance in the face of the oppression of our suffering. I believe we are all artists, in whatever medium we find to work in. 


The work I create is sacred to me because it enables me to articulate ideas and emotions I have about my own experiences. My work reflects my aspiration that we can all make something beautiful out of our experiences, and that by doing so grants us access to a new way of seeing.

Being a person who has experienced mental health challenges does not make me unique. While my story is my own, my art is an exploration of the possibilities of communicating about my experiences in a deeply relational way. Because I believe that we all struggle with the confounding, impossible complexities of being human, despite what any of our particular challenges may be called.


This work is my expression of the beautiful and wretched places in the landscape of living with myself; it is my vision of the importance of developing  the ability to transcend and co-create my experience by making different choices. My work is an invitation to the viewer to allow my story and my resilience to resonate with the viewers own experiences, and perhaps inspire them to participate in the defiant and hopeful act of creation themselves.

Julie A DeRosa, 2019


Past Works